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Hinweise zu Anmeldung und Beginn von Abschlussarbeiten  (Information on registration and start of theses)

Guidelines for Academic Writing & Style Sheet

Dear students,

when writing a seminar paper or bachelor/master thesis, please read our Guidelines for Academic Writing carefully. These guidelines explain important points that need to be considered when writing a paper/thesis with our chair.
Guidelines for Academic Writing_2_1.pdf (556,1 KB)  vom 16.07.2020

The style sheet specfies all details for the formatting of your seminar paper or thesis.
Style sheet Prof_Börner.pdf (671,6 KB)  vom 21.11.2019

Templates for cover pages seminar paper and theses

The following templates can be used for your seminar paper or thesis.

Cover page bachelor thesis
Cover page_bachelor thesis.docx (24,4 KB)  vom 21.11.2019

Cover page master thesis
Cover page_master thesis.docx (24,4 KB)  vom 21.11.2019

Cover page seminar paper
Cover page_seminar paper.docx (24,4 KB)  vom 21.11.2019

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