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Research Seminar

Economic History, Growth & Development

Welcome to our research seminar! The following senior researchers are involved in the seminar:

Prof. Börner, Prof. Fertig, Prof. Grieben, Prof. Kopsidis   

Given the current situation (Corana), the seminar takes place online at 16:30. In case of questions, please contact Dr. Hakon Albers ()

We are happy to have the following presenters this term:

12. Nov. 2020

Dr. Charlotte Bartels, DIW Berlin   

The distribution of wealth in Germany, 1895-2018   

26.Nov. 2020

Ass. Prof. Dr. Christian Ochsner, CERGE-EI Prague   

Mobilizing history   

10. Dec. 2020

Prof. Paul Sharp, PhD, University of Southern Denmark   

The Sleeping Giant Who Left for America: The Determinants and Impact of Danish Emigration During the Age of Mass Migration
14. Jan. 2021

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfister, University of Münster   

The economic geography of Germany, 1500-1850: Effects of market integration and state formation on the size and spatial distribution of cities

28. Jan. 2021

Prof. Saumitra Jha, PhD (Stanford GSB)   

Swords into Bank Shares    

11. Feb. 2021

Prof. Jared Rubin, PhD (Chapman University)   


Given the Corona virus situation in the summer term 2020, we had to postpone all scheduled presentations to the future.

In the winter term 2019/20, we had the following presenters visiting us:

14.11.2019Market Design and Long-Run Economic Growth: An Interacted VAR Analysis for Pre-Modern City Data
12.12.2019Liquidity and stock issues at the Berlin Stock Exchange, 1898–1913
09.01.2020Finding the right balance: The case of Dutch loan funds, 1850-1920
The paper is joint work with Amaury de Vicq (Utrecht University).
16.01.2020Losing the Gains from Trade. Evidence from the Trade Multiplier of the Great Depression
30.01.2020The Deep Roots of Rebellion: Evidence from the Irish Revolution

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