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Our focus is empirical research on the sources of long-run growth & development such as technology, institutions, policies, market integration and trade. In addition to these factors, we analyze financial markets and their design, the evolution and determinants of agricultural commodity prices, demographic developments, and social mobility.

We run a biweekly research seminar to discuss latest developments in the areas of “economic history, growth & development”. Please find recent publications and funded research projects below.

Recent publications

Börner, Lars, Rubin, Jared   , Severgnini, Battista    (2021): "A time to print, a time to reform." European Economic Review, vol. 138, no. 103826, pp. 1–20.   

Albers, Hakon and Pfister, Ulrich    (2021): “Climate change, weather shocks, and price convergence in pre-industrial Germany.” European Review of Economic History, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 467–489.   

Börner, Lars and Severgnini, Battista    (2021): "Measuring and comparing economic interaction based on the paths and speed of infections." In: Koenraad Verboven (Ed.), Complexity Economics: Building a New Approach to Ancient Economic History (Palgrave Studies in Ancient Economies), Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 327-356.   

Börner, Lars and Severgnini, Battista    (2020): "Il commercio è alleato dei virus, lo dice la storia."   , March 17, 2020.

Research projects with third-party funding

Debt Clearing Mechanisms – An Experimental Investigation

Investigators: Lars Börner, John Hatfield    (University of Austin Texas) and Erik Kimbrough    (Chapman University California)

Funder: Diligentia Stiftung   , year: 2020.

The project is affiliated with the Halle Institute of Economic Research IWH    and received an additional IWH Speed Project Grant.

Comparative Demographic and Socioeconomic Analysis of Families in Northern Bohemia and Southern Upper Lusatia, 1600-1900

Investigator: Jan Goldberg (PhD thesis), Supervisors: Lars Börner and Georg Fertig

Funder: Hans-Böckler-Stiftung   , years: since 2020.

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